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Mamamamia! opened its first restaurant in Suzhou in 2010, and it has already been 10 years since then! We now have more than 6 restaurants in Suzhou, Shanghai, Wuxi and Guangzhou, all serving our guests the most traditional Italian cuisine.

Mammamia! Pizza is truly Neapolitan, from the beautiful Italian coastal city of Naples, the birthplace of Pizza Margherita. To respect the Italian traditional recipes and cooking, we carefully select healthy and high-quality imported products from Italy to ensure our guests a pure Italian experience. When in Mammamia!, customers from all over the world experience the passionate feelings and culture of Italy thanks to the raw materials, techniques and flavours used to make our dishes, along with the thoughtful service of our staff.

Our diners can experience the most authentic version of a real Italian restaurant through the food, aroma and atmosphere. Especially for Italian diners, it makes them miss their mothers’ cooking.

The food's excellence is our first priority and family's passion: not only we select and import from Italy the best products and row materials, but also we have co-designed, with selected producers, our customized recipes and productions.

For those ingredients that cannot be imported, we similarly select, co-design and customize with selected premium producers from Asia Pacific. We serve wholesome food, with controlled designation of origin, geographical indications and traditional specialties according to seasons, which taste just great!

Each mammamia! features imported, handmade Neapolitan wood burning ovens (with a cost of 150.000 RMB each) and all top international brand kitchen and bar equipment.

In our uniquely designed interiors, interpreting Neapolitan tradition, irony, sober elegance and warmth, our Italian management ensures that you are welcomed with an attentive, caring and competent service. Our menus are provided in Italian, Chinese and English.

We do not sell pizza, we sell emotions! Enjoy!


  • Call : 021- 31579561
  • Store location : 比斯特上海购物村(奕欧来)月牙畔1106号

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Opening HoursHow to get here 


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