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Japanese women clothing fashion brand under BAROQUE Limited Japan “MOUSSY” is designed by a concept called “HOPE”.MOUSSY was established in Japan in Year 2000,and the first Grand Open placed in China was in Year 2010.In Year 2015,MOUSSY has created a whole new brand concept which is “DENIM、STANDARD、VINTAGE、BLACK”, These four key words were created for suiting different circumstances trendy style such as “WORK、WEEKEND、LUXURY” and etc. MOUSSY has now become the business card for “DENIM”, the high quality and basic style are what MOUSSY pursuits. The brand style has shown the “strength and beauty” of women from inner themselves, creates charming images of modern women. MOUSSY is the casual fashion brand facing all the women who looking for trendy, personality and high quality.


The high fashion brand SLY, which is sister brand of MOUSSY, under Japan Baroquegroup. SLY’s design is famous for its sexy, uncommon and vintage. The brand was established in Year 2001 and officially opened its first retail store in China during Year 2012. SLY’s  unique design which differs from other fashion brands and the brand is truly popular around young city girls.

The brand cooperates with famous Japanese models and stars all the time. BesidesSLY typical fashion elements, also has been produced crossover products with amount of fashion brands, designers.

A brand new concept“NEW SEXY”, which is “show what you better to show, hide what you should hide”, preparing for girls who are looking for uncommon sexy style.


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  • Opening HoursHow to get here 


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