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LIU JO, named after "love", is a nickname between Marco Marchi and his girlfriend when he was young. In his opinion, no matter what the final outcome will be, the romance and beauty in the process are indelible.

"UOMO" means "male" in Italian. LIU JO uomo continues the essence of LIU JO uomo's brand. It expresses the profound implication of Marco Marchi's thought. It expresses the elegance and Modernity of the brand design, just like a glass of Espresso.

LIU JO UOMO men are fashionable men living in cities, walking on busy streets around the world, from Rome to New York, from London to Tokyo. Integrating personality design, dynamic and changeable fashion style, beautiful and exquisite tailoring, close-fitting and comfortable dress feeling, appropriate details to pinch... All this stems from the attitude of fine workmanship and rigorous garment making.

LIU JO UOMO boldly abandoned the traditional cutting methods, highlighting elegant and pure Italian cutting, you will see pop printing, color matching, leather stitching, narrow-band tie and other fashion designs on LIU JO UOMO's clothing. Traditional and fashionable, fashionable and romantic. LIU JO UOMO's Danxi and shirts have many items that are very suitable for the modern male "Day & Night" life concept. Their design not only meets the needs of working during the day, but also can be directly worn after work and enjoy with friends. This not only makes LIU JO UOMO more life-like, but also completely penetrates the core value of "artistry" into products.


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