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Brand Concept

Try to seek for a more free, more natural and more true exchange and thinking space. Do not impose our illusion and unrealized wishes on the kids, but to offer a warm, clam and free life atmosphere. Return its nature, and don’t try to make an ideal kid and yourself.

Design Concept

Pure, natural and interesting. To bring the kids into the imagination space with stories in each season and let them play to their heart content. Fuse the sentiments for the kids to the entire design relation, thus to construct a kind of beauty particular to kids.

Brand Style

Pure \ natural \ frank \ imaginative

Fabrication Material 

Safe. No matter it is related with fabrication details or fabric selection, we will first consider its safety to kids. Well protect our kids is the priority, and will be our permanent pursuit. By inheriting our design concept, we try to return the primitive sense of quality to the kids, enrich their feeling of touch and to pass the comprehension of beauty.

Customer Group 

Design kids garments for those aging from kindergarten to preliminary school. It is for parents who pursue life with quality, acute insight and perception, and who wish to grow together with kids.


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  • Opening HoursHow to get here 


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