HAZZYS KV_比斯特上海购物村(奕欧来)
HAZZYS KV_比斯特上海购物村(奕欧来)



Founded in 2000, meticulously tailored skillfully integrated current fashion colors, well-chosen fabric. It is imbued with rich British style and noble appearance. It injects unruly and unrestrained, fun and elegant elements into its exquisite lifestyle.

We are dedicated to offering our guests authentic and high quality products, at a good price and with personalized service.

[Where two different prices appear on a price label, the struck-out price at the top if being named as the “label price”, is the price at which the product has previously been sold at. This price should not be interpreted as the “original price” referred in PRC pricing laws and regulations. The price stated at the bottom of the label which is not struck out is the actual sales price of the product in this store. If the store describes the struck-out price in any other way, the alternative description applies. ]

Unless specified otherwise, the store’s stated discount applies to the struck-out price (if available) at the top of the price label, not to the price at the bottom of the label which is not struck out. Discounts and promotions may vary from time to time. If the store carries out a promotion on another basis, the alternative description given by the store applies.

[The products offered in this store include previous season stock, end of line items, remainder stock, short-in-size products, etc. ]

In the event of a conflict between the above statements and applicable laws and regulations, the applicable laws and regulations shall prevail.