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G-Star RAW is the modern denim brand. Since 1989 G-Star has been a denim pioneer, known for its innovative and cutting-edge style. Its philosophy has always been “Just the Product” with a focus on denim craftsmanship and innovation. G-Star originated the concept of 3D denim and established a dedication to raw, untreated denim. Pushing the boundaries, continuous experimentation, and product development have led to a strong following worldwide.

Innovation and perfection of the product are imperative to G-Star. In 1996 G-Star introduced wearable raw denim, which has had a major influence on the jeans market. The search for innovation led in the same year to the introduction of the first 3D denim, the G-Star Elwood, designed by G-Star’s head designer Pierre Morisset. A continuous process of 3D innovation led to the introduction of another G-Star classic, the Arc pant, in 2009. The silhouette is entirely constructed through detailed paper patterns underlying G-Star’s architectural craftsmanship.

G-Star’s singular point of view on construction and design also stretches beyond denim. RAW Crossovers play an important role within the G-Star brand philosophy. These are unique design experiments that fuse the G-Star DNA with that of other product manufacturers committed to innovation, technology and craftsmanship. The Prouvé RAW line is the latest in this series that also comprises the RAW Defender, RAW Ferry, RAW Cannondale and RAW Leica.

G-Star is recognized for its unorthodox artist collaborations. Since 2004 G-Star and industrial designer Marc Newson work together on seasonal collections, fusing Newson’s industrial design skills with G-Star’s denim craftsmanship. Renowned rock star photographer Anton Corbijn photographed G-Star’s brand campaigns from 2009 till 2012. Other notable collaborations include one with Japanese Stylist Tomoki Sukezane, music producer Skrillex and one with Magnus Carlsen, world ranked number one chess player.


As the demand for the collection continues to grow, G-Star continues to open more G-Star Franchise Stores in key cities throughout the world. Today over 350 G-Star Franchise Stores are in operation worldwide, with several more planned for the near future.

The look and feel of the G-Star Stores successfully captures the driving design ideals of the brand: rough, stylish, pure, and functional. There is a definite uniformity to the G-Star Stores, which is developed by the G-Star Interior design team. All G-Star Stores allow for the clothing to be presented most effectively by combining natural materials such as wood, concrete and steel. G-Star strives to showcase denim in its purest form. The consistency allows for consumers to identify strongly with the brand and become familiar with the overall style.

In 2012 G-Star introduces a new retail concept, G-Star Women. The specialist denim store for women offers a broad range of fits and styles, each tailored to the inch. In this store women can experience what G-Star’s denim craftsmanship can do for your look and find their perfect pair of jeans with the help of well-trained store staff.

Continuously evolving their retail concept, G-Star launched their most recent retail concept with a new flagship store in London in December 2013. The design of the store aims to give focus to the individuality of each iconic pair of jeans from G-Star RAW's heritage, by showing just the product, not the stock. This conceptual, yet highly functional clutter-fee approach to retail will give visitors a refreshing experience. The Oxford street branch exemplifies the brand’s industrial DNA with design functionality and denim craftsmanship.

The G-Star Retailor made Store Concept ensures a win-win situation for both parties involved in the creation and development of a new business.


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