Chloé KV_比斯特上海购物村(奕欧来)
Chloé KV_比斯特上海购物村(奕欧来)

chloé was founded in 1952 by gaby aghion, an egyptian-born parisienne with a dark beauty and a bohemian spirit. rejecting the stiff formality of the 50’s fashion, she created soft, body conscious clothes from fine fabrics and called them “luxury prêt-à-porter”. unique for their time, they were beautifully made clothes available off the rack.

in 1956, gaby aghion and her business partner, jacques lenoir, debuted the first collection over breakfast at café de flore, which, as the city’s infamous meeting ground for existentialists and artists, was one of their own favorite haunts.

“chloé” – a name they chose for its warm, feminine appeal – was perfectly in synch with the new mood of paris: youthful and modern in design, and slightly audacious in spirit.

the label growed in popularity, and gaby aghion and jacques lenoir initiated what will become the hallmark of the house: hiring new, young talents to design the collections.

in the 60s, chloé hot housed a group of youthful, left bank designers who would later define the paris ready-to-wear movement, “le style”.

in 1966, karl lagerfeld became the house’s head designer, and under his direction chloé became one of the most iconic fashion brands of the 1970’s. jackie kennedy and brigitte bardot, maria callas and grace kelly all came to chloé boutique in the 7eme in search of luxurious daywear. with its romantic, gauzy blouses and long skirts, chloé defined the look of a generation.

in the 80’s, a series of talented designers including martine sitbon kept the collections fresh and ever-changing, whilst reiterating chloé’s quixotic ability to be both cutting-edge and timeless at once.

after the house was bought by the luxury goods conglomerate richemont group in 1985, its notoriety growed around the globe.

in 1997, stella mccartney reinvented chloé once more, with a romantic yet streetwise mix of vintage lingerie, tailoring, and signature lowrider trousers that hit a nerve with young women around the world and propells the house to a new level of success.

in 2001, phoebe philo continued the chloé legacy of luxurious, audacious prêt-à-porter whilst stamping the house with her own unique signature: sexy daywear, fluid lines, graceful and distinctly modern diaphanous tops.

in 2006, paulo melim andersson brought an edgy creativity to the brand. he infused his witty and modern point of view to chloé.

on march 10, 2008, hannah macgibbon was named creative director and became part of the chloé design legacy. she brought her overall creative vision to the brand through femininity and sophistication whilst preserving chloé's tradition and luxury know-how.

from june 1st, 2011, clare waight keller joined chloé as creative director. The drew, faye and nile designed by clare made chloé a great success again on the handbag.

On april 3rd , 2017, chloé appointed the current creative director, Natacha ramsay-levi. She brought a stronger but still feminine image to chloé. Natacha embodies the spirit of Chloé, a Maison founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion whose vision was to give women the FREEDOM to dare to be themselves.

more than 65 years after gaby aghion imagined it, chloé’s vision of romantic, ultra feminine fashion lives on.